I have recently started coming out with my story as my journey was to help others heal and to discover that healing is possible. 
I have a long string of abuse from childhood so I will try to make it simple. 
I was molested from 5years old by my father until my 10th birthday when he decided to ''take our relationship to the next level'' his words . That continued for a long time and when I was 14years old my father took me over to his brother who kept me tied and locked up for the entire weekend while he raped and tortured me , sometimes my father joined in . There I experienced being sodomized, iced, I had a gun in my mouth , drugs fed to me , I was also choked and strangled with various items and had my fingers broken, this happened three weekends within a space of a few months . When I was 16years old , I was kidnapped while on my way to a friend and raped repeatedly by three guys over hours and eventually they just dropped me off in the road at like 3in the morning . That same year when I was 16years old I attempted suicide as was sent to the guidance counselor who I started to trust with my story . He then invited me over to his house one day and drugged and raped me and made me feel like it was all my fault. I left high school shortly after that. A lot of messed up things happened after that, lots of drugs, alcohol and sex . 
Fast Forward - today I am 33years old (only started confronting my story and coming out last year) , I have a beautiful family and a successful business- I have also decided to open a support group for survivors of sexual assault and we meet once a month . I have survived and I am healing and would love to help others who is also going through the healing process and need support. 

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