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The relationship between you and you is the most important and longest relationship you will ever have. In order to be the best version of yourself, you must make your relationship with yourself your first priority. If you are not taking care of yourself how can you take care of anyone else? If you are not speaking gently to yourself how can you expect others to. We tend to be open, caring, compassionate, and understanding towards others yet so often we are extremely critical of ourselves. Finding that compassion, gentleness, and love of ourselves must be our number one priority. Nurturing and healing the unhealed parts of ourselves opens our minds and our hearts to the peace, happiness, joy, blessings that we innately deserve. When we have honest conversations with ourselves to identify our own toxic traits, our own unhealed wounds, our long lost traumas, we can begin to heal and grow and find our Unbreakable spirit.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enlighten people to adopt a better mentality and outlook on life and continually strive for their best selves. We want to live in a world where there is no longer an excuse of "I don't know how," because we provide the how.

We are dedicated to provide individuals with resources needed to help them cope, adapt, and overcome life's obstacles. The vision of the foundation is to offer support to those affected by various forms of adversity or tragedy including but not limited Domestic/Family Violence & Abuse, Bullying, Childhood Cancer & Illness, Homelessness, Death of a Loved One, Disaster Relief and other Special Needs. We want people who visit the site to feel empowered, motivated and inspired about being an UNBREAKABLE! individual.

Unbreakable Messages for Those Who Need It Most

We stand behind the values of empathy, self-love, and strength because we know that everyone deserves something UNBREAKABLE & UNSHAKABLE! Our values are those that help individuals during difficult times or circumstances.


We advocate for empathy because we believe that everyone deserves to be cared for and heard. When you have someone's back, they will have yours.

Self Love

We stand behind values of self-love because we want the people who visit this site to feel empowered, motivated and inspired about themselves. 


We believe in the principles of strength because we know that everyone is deserving of something Unbreakable! And we're here to provide it to them.


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