Consultation Terms & Service

Waiver, Release, and Assumption of Risk Form

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1. I am not a certified psychologist or guidance counselor.

2. I do not practice medicine.

3. I do not diagnose illnesses.

4. I do not prescribe or adjust medication.

This form is an important legal document. It explains the assumption of any and all risks in deciding to follow the advice or insight, or use of products, from Unbreakable and Uplifting, or any practitioner who operates as an advising consultant through Unbreakable and Uplifting LLC or a representative of that Corporation. It is critical that you read and understand it completely. Accepting a session with Unbreakable or a representative of that corporation implies that you have read and agreed to the Consultation Terms and Service.

Waiver, Informed Consent, and Covenant Not to Sue

I hereby acknowledge I have volunteered to participate in a paid or unpaid session, class, workshop, service, or program with Unbreakable and Uplifting, and/or an advisor available through Unbreakable and Uplifting, LLC to include, but also may not be limited to, any and all services provided, such as Mental Health Advice, Life Coaching, guidance, classes, product offerings, and workshop attendance. In consideration of the Unbreakable, LLC agreement to instruct, assist, advise, or train me, I do here and forever release and discharge and hereby hold harmless the Corporation and its respective agents, heirs, assigns, contractors, and employees from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action or causes of action, present or future, arising out of or connected with my participation in a session or purchase or any program WITHOUT LIMITATION, WHICH MAY OCCUR AS A RESULT OF following advice tendered and released or training rendered or use of facilities during a session or event.

I recognize that in no way does any member of Unbreakable and Uplifting, LLC provide legal, medical, or therapeutic advice, and it is my responsibility to secure such advisement. I acknowledge and agree that I assume the risks associated with any and all activities, offerings, products, services, classes, and/or programs in which I participate or purchase.