Why do you hate me or resent me? What did I do for you to feel the way you do towards me? All I did was financially support you for years and you finally decided to get a job bc you are done with the relationship? Or you could’ve got a job as I was carrying the child. Why become a family man now? And not with me. You tell me you still love me bc I’m the child's mother but not in love with me. Which I get. But it’s kinda hard to believe that when I still get the same tone from you when I’m not even living in the house anymore. I just don’t get it. I feel like your erasing me from the house completely. All my painting and pictures aren't in the mud room and the sign your grandmother made. I get it you moved on. How is the child going to know who her mom is if there is no picture of me around the house? And the painting i painted had nothing to do with our relationship so idk why you wouldn’t want to keep it with your “new family.” You have to understand why I feel this way. I feel like I’ve been replaced and erased from that home. What would’ve you done if I decided to keep the house? Would’ve you still told me about the situation or just moved out with her once you found a place. I love your family and I’m glad they are helping me but it’s not my home. I don’t really have a home at the moment. You have made me so uncomfortable in that home no matter how much I have done what you wanted me to do in that house. You were never happy with what i did. I stopped my whole life for you and this is what I get. Shit on, like I’m a piece of gum on your shoe. All I did was treat you and her with respect and I get shit on.

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