“ Bee”,
I made a horrible mistake letting you go and I know this every time I left, cause your absence leaves an emptiness in me that I can’t fill . I wouldn’t want to. Nobody could ever compare to you. I haven’t been able to love the same since you. And I know that I’ll always love you. I learned to accept that I won’t find what we had , and no matter how much I look, I’ll never find another you. I know I’ve hurt you but you’ve hurt me too. Somehow we brought out the worst and best in each other , it’s just that the worst parts of us sometimes took control and caused so many issues between us .The love was always there and it will always be there . You’re now with someone else and as much as that was hard , I know that I had something special with you. And I just hope you’re happy . I’ll never forget your face, your smile, your voice , all the memories we shared . And it’s been almost two years since I walked away. I never mastered living with you, or living without you. I guess sometimes I still think you’re my other half . Your name appears everywhere , and I don’t even look for it, it just pops up randomly . I don’t know if it’s Synchronicity , or really weird coincidences, or god just making me feel like poop for what happened . I do regret everything that hurt you and the things I’ve said and done and how I could’ve handled things better but I do know you’ll always be the one I’ll always be a fool for . Thank you for the love I’ll never forget ! The memories that are unforgettable! And a love that nobody can top or replace !

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