I've thought about what I wanted to say to you. You claim what I'm doing isn't fair and your hurting. You've been hurting for 2 months. My heart has been hurting for 20 years. 20 years of blaming myself, trying to fix me because I felt broken. Dealing with emotional and physical abuse over and over again. Then 6 months ago I realized I wasn't to blame. I didn't ask to be abused. I didn't deserve it. I deserve to be loved and appreciated for me. I'm done pretending to be so done I'm not. I am strong, brave, beautiful and worthy of so much more then you. You think that you can somehow change overnight and I'm going to come running back to you. I won't and cannot do that. I won't ever go back to feeling the way you made me feel ever again. I will come out of this on top. I can and will do this without you! Hurting people is not something I enjoy, bit I hurt for far to long and I want to live and finally be happy. I pray that this will make you realize what you had, and what you are loosing. I hope you wake up everyday with the regret and knowledge that I tried and did everything I could to keep our family together, but in the end you are the reason we fell apart.

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