To My Ex

11 years later and you still message to say you miss me. But the person you broke and tried to destroy doesn't exist anymore. I'm stronger and happier. I'm not the person I was 11 years ago because you left me with no choice but to fight and heal and move on. That person you shattered into a thousand messed up pieces put herself back together again and certainly doesn't miss you.

11 years later and you still message to say you've messed up your life. But the person you lied to and cheated on doesn't care. I'm content and smiling. My life is now so much better and there's no place in it for someone like you. That person you left alone to raise your child loves the life she has and is so grateful for everything she's achieved without you.

11 years later and you still message when you want support. But the person who was verbally abused when she reached out for your help feels no sympathy. I'm over your dramas. I'm over always being there for you with nothing in return. That person you left scrambling to survive knows she has the strength to deal with whatever comes her way and doesn't need or want anything from you.

11 years later and you still message promising to step up as a father. But the person who raised and created the amazing person our child has become doesn't believe you. I'm the one always there as a parent. I'm the one who makes the sacrifices to provide everything needed. That person you accused and threatened knows she has always done the best she can and is a proud parent.

11 years later and you still message to apologize for how you treated me. But the person who was bruised physically, mentally and emotionally learnt never to believe a word you say. I'm wiser. I'm no longer scared. That person left crying and shaking knows she has the power to stand up to you and knows she deserves better than what you could ever offer.

11 years later and I'm proud of the person I've become. I feel free from you and the misery you caused. I've learnt things about myself and I'm grateful for everything I now have. The battle wasn't always easy and some days I wanted to give up, but you didn't win and I came out the victor. I've moved on and I've built something worth having, but can you say the same?

From Your Ex

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