Dear Narcissist Ex,

You pushed me relentlessly to the edge of the cliff in spite of my pleas for mercy, and when I'd cry out you'd respond, "See how you raise your voice at me?"

You saw my heart wide open yet chose to wield the verbal knife, and when I'd lash out from excruciating pain, "Stop being an **!" you'd respond, "See how you call me other than my name?"

You would draw in every ounce of my warmth and I'd foolishly give it all away, always to be followed by bitterly cold days, and when I'd reach for you, you'd reply, "See how you ask of me more than I can give?"

You'd bombard me with pointless questioning designed to tear apart any sound answer in a flash, and when I'd shut down and see the trap you'd respond, "See you have no good answer for what I simply asked."

You exposed the lovely parts of yourself just to push me further away, and when I was too exhausted to come back you'd respond, "See her lack of loyalty, she didn't love me anyway.... I'll replace her in a day!"

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