Dear ex,

I don't exactly know where to start, I want to keep this brief, to the point. It's taken me some time to get to this point, where I can truly see what you did without feeling the need to defend your actions. You manipulated, lied, gaslighted and controlled me. You took advantage of someone who was convinced that she would never be loved. You essentially broke me. But I don't want to talk about that. I want to thank you. Thank you for showing me that I can do this by myself, thank you for showing me your true colours. You don't get to take all the credit. But you did give me the push. I am so much stronger, smarter and more resilient than I ever thought I was.
Thank you for our daughters. They are going to grow up knowing that they deserve so much better than what they experienced for the first years of their lives. It's sad that you've chosen not to be involved in their lives, it's not something that I wanted. but please remember, it is your choice. You are choosing not to contact them, not to see them not to be involved. I know that you like to cast me as the villain, use me as the excuse, just like you did with your first wife.
This is me, letting go of all the hurt and pain and damage that you caused. That I didn't stop soon enough.
This is me, saying goodbye.

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