Dear angel,
You are about to meet the man of your nightmares, at first, he will appear charming and kind. You may even think he’s your soul mate. Your gut will move, you’ll notice niggles and twitches in your tummy. Don’t ignore them these are warning signs.

Angel your beautiful and kind, you have achieved so much! I know how much you have waited for the right man to come along you spent so much time single to rebuild your life.

You are strong, you are beautiful and you are worthy of a beautiful and loving relationship. A healthy one of respect intimacy and friendship.

Don’t settle for second best, don’t ignore your boundaries you built them for a reason to protect t you from hurt protect you from toxicity.

Your boundaries are perfect, don’t second guess yourself! Your not going crazy! Your right on cue!
Those niggling feelings they are telling you to run, to run as fast as you can! Your intuition is right don’t second guess yourself, you know yourself best! You just have to learn to trust yourself because you know you best and you know this man is not the best for you!

You are loved you are worthy and you will find true love!

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