Dear ME:

You thought you were weak.....that you would be unable to survive alone until your husband cheated on you...and abandoned you.  Then you found the will to and strength to carry on with three children to provide for. Until you found a job with a wonderful company and stayed with that company for 25 be promoted several times and in two states you questioned your achievements.  .  You thought you were incapable of inspiring others.....until you wrote your first poem,,,,and then more poems.....and found that people found inspiration in your words.  Now that I am approaching the end of my life...and I am comfortable in that which I have accomplished....which to others may be "very little"..... but to me it is a "win" in the race against low self esteem.  I am not totally "unbreakable".... because there are a few chips and dents in my armor.  But I think I have "earned" the wrinkles on this old face.......and you have lived life "your way".

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