Dear me.
As I grow older I've come to realize that my younger self keep apologizing to me for what it put me through from taking decisions that caused me pain to following the wrong path till self esteem and self worth opened their doors to me even before I got to know what they meant.
Dear John I know you can't edit your memory nor clear your cuts but I'm glad you've grown through them by becoming more confident and looking before you leap. The older you grow the more you'll realize that some joys and pains are in your hands to sustain especially by cutting off toxic persons, by being positive and by refusing to stay long where you don't belong.
Dear John I'm glad that you've realized the need to put yourself first and be in control of your life in a world where some narcissists fight to have control over you, kill your confidence and make you hollow. I'm glad that you've maintained a high esteem overtime and also realized the importance of self worth.
Keep growing and keep learning

Yours Sincerely,
Ochonma John Uchenna

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