A letter to myself-

Dear me;

I've been thinking a lot about you lately, a lot about all the things that you've been through, that you've experienced, that you've survived.
I know that you don't believe me when I say that you're really an awesome person, although you really are, so just read this in my voice to yourself and don't question or overthink things, okay.
All that you went through, negative though it was, made you into this incredible human being who sits and reads these words.
All the hurt that you went through made you cognizant of hurt. Made you so aware of its existence that you do all you can to make sure you don't bring it to others' lives.
All the physical pain you went through gave you the strength to give others understanding and love and to walk away before you lash out.
All the heartache you went through made you willing to be honest and speak up first, before you bestow it unnecessarily upon others.
All the outright lies that were told to you made you exist in truth so you don't bring about the same kind of mistrust that was brought to you.
All the times you were belittled and slandered and made to feel less than a person gave you a desire to lift others up publicly and to gently help them in private.
All the negative that was heated upon your shoulders made you strong. Stronger than you realize. Strength which others see in you even if you don't see it in yourself.
Now, I need you to pay close attention to this next part, okay. Read these words and fold them into your soul-
Your past doesn't define you~
Your pain doesn't define you ~
Your mistakes don't define you~
Despite what you think there's nothing wrong with you~

What happened to you back then were simply stops on your journey. They were NOT your destination.

Your destination is still ahead of you and believe it or not you won't walk alone forever. You've already got some people in tow and soon you'll find the one person who is meant to walk until the end of the road with you.
I promise if you'll reach out that someone will reach back to you. And they'll never let you go!

In a great way, lol. Not like those toxic ones that you settled for.

So, realize that you're a lot better a person than you give yourself credit for. You now have the gift of discernment.
You're neither too much nor too little but, rather, just right for the one who is looking for just right. Cast that fear aside and take a chance. But only give them one red flag and then politely and graciously protect yourself.
Now, go live!

I love you,


Me ❣

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