You have a name. Anxiety,
You have a face, Anxiety, you have a voice.
Anxiety, I know you, Anxiety
You're in my head.
I can't breath.
I can't eat.
I can't sleep.
Waking up feels like a chore because I know it's another day I have to deal with you. Anxiety.
I have no voice anymore.
Who will I talk to?
They've heard it all before.
They hear but I know they don't quite understand. Anxiety,.
Should I find new people?
I park my car and take a taxi so I can talk to someone new. He doesn't know me. He won't judge. But he doesn't quite understand. Anxiety.
I make an appointment with my doctor.
I open up to him. I tell him everything. But he doesn't quite understand. Anxiety.
My gym instructor, she knows my whole story, but quess what Anxiety, she doesn't quite understand.
My friends know you, but not the you that I  know. They adore you, they admire you. You're a great dad, a good provider, a sexy tight hunk. You can't possibly be abusive. They don't quite understand.
I explain to them that you won't allow me to work and they tell me they wish their men wouldn't let them work. I tell them it's abuse, they laugh in my face. They don't  quite understand. Anxiety.
You have me right where you want me. You have me isolated. Locked in. My day and mood depends on the way you feel.
I lock myself in the bathroom, eyes shut, ears shut, head between the knees, deep breaths.
Relax. This too shall pass. Anxiety.
You win. I don't want to face another day with you in my life. I can't do this anymore. I won't live like this anymore. Under your shadow is the worst place to be. Anxiety.

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