A letter to me.

Hey there my dear.
Don’t be shy, you have a light.
You appear like a gem peaking out of the soil.
Uncertain at first of your place in the world, a little muddy and buried under,
but a wash and a night under the moonlight we’ll have you shining like the Dimond you are.

Hey there my dear,
It’s good to see you.
To really see You.
Like the first glimmer of spring,
or the first light of dawn.
You are starting to shine.

Hey there my dear.
You are looking well.
There is a softness to your face and a brightening in your skin.
I hear the peace inside your heart, it sings like the fairies you used to find at the bottom of the garden.

Hey there my dear.
Let now your voice soar.
Let now your story flow.
Let now your light burn so bright it can not be ignored.

Hey there my hero.
I bow to you “warrior”
I look to you for inspiration.
I honour you for making a stand.
I Thank you for your strength.

Hey there world.
I have arrived.
I am here.
I am alive.

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