Unbreakable Reading

This section provides a complete listing of resources to those looking for ways in which life changes could make it better should also be sure and take advantage of this amazing list!

A Passionate Collection of Books, Journals, and Other Tools for Those in Need

Someone Else's Life

“Trying to be someone else, Simon lived someone else’s life.”
Raised by a narcissist and ridiculed for his chronic dyslexia, Simon quickly learned the defensive power of humor. After leaving school at fifteen with no qualifications, he created an alter-ego who became the person Simon believed he could never be.Confused? So was he during every day of his tumultuous, yet seemingly successful, journey through life.

This is a funny – sad – enlightening wakeup call for those who mistakenly believe the misguided things people tell them.

Affirmed Purpose

Exists to encourage people from all backgrounds to dig deep within themselves, discover their purpose, and develop that purpose. We want to see more people in the world living purposeful lives. 

We Have A Voice

This is me, this is my story of abuse in the home and how the trauma has impacted my young and adult life. It may not always be easy reading but I believe that, in the end, it is a story about healing and hope. I hope this book will resignate with other survivors or family members who have been directly or indirectly impacted by abuse. You are the expert on your life no one else.
Be kind x