Here’s my story, I was married for 17 years to a narcissists he cheated and lied all the time I tried to leave him earlier in my marriage but I had no where to go I didn’t have a good job and I had a baby with no where to go and a mother that didn’t care I cried and and begged for my mother and stepfather to help me but she told me I made my bed I had to lay in it and figure it out so I tried and tried to better myself but I had no support to help with my daughter so I could go to school I had to put my education and dreams on hold to raise my daughter and work low paying retails jobs. Well I stayed through the years hoping he would change and he didn’t he got worse. In 2017 when I went back to school he lied to me and my daughter and told me that took a job 4 hours away to give us a better life because it was a higher paying job with better benefits and he said once I finished school he would move me and my daughter up there. It was all a lie as soon as he got there he got on dating sites sleeping with other women. He was coming home on the weekends playing family and then during the week he was living a double life. I found out he was sleeping with multiple women my daughter found nude photos of his sister in law and him on his text messages on his iPad and there was other messages from other women. I was mortified and so was my daughter it destroyed her. He then at that time acted remorseful because he got caught and his brother found out and was rightfully so upset with him. I was going to leave him but he begged and pleaded for me to forgive him and he acted like he was so worried about losing me and wanted to fight for our marriage. But that didn’t stop him he continued to go on those sites and he met one particular woman who knew about me and my daughter and she didn’t care that he was married she and him continued to Pursue each other and had an affair when I found out because she was sending pictures of her legs one day to his phone i immediately confronted her and like a coward she hung up on me I then confronted him and begged him to stop seeing her . He pretended like he did he even went as far as pretending to break up with her in front of me over the phone but it was all a lie. One day I though he was asleep I heard his phone ringing and it was her it went to answer it he quickly woke up and chased after me trying to get his phone from me I ran into the closet trying to answer it he was try to snatch it from me and when I refused to give it to him he picked me up by my throat and strangled me almost crushing my trachea I could breath I just remember thinking omg I’m going to die and he looked at me with hate In His eyes and said why don’t you just die. He then dropped me on the ground I remember trying to catch my breath holding into my throat crying. After that incident he went back to Northern VA and acted so remorseful for what he had done to me. He pretended in front of my sister and father because they confronted him and my sister was there in the next room and her me scream. But as soon as no one was around that’s when the manipulation would start and the gas lighting. He was so cruel he would rub his affair with her in my face telling me how much better she was than me and if I didn’t comply with his affair he would shut off my phone, electricity, cable , and water because he was the main provider so he would financially dominate me. He knew that I couldn’t afford to survive on my own so he would use money as a way to control me all the time. I felt so helpless and trapped I didn’t know what to do so finally one day I called my father begging him to help me with a lawyer he helped me because it was so bad I couldn’t take it anymore I had to get a pending daylight order just to make sure he wouldn’t try to take my home or car from me or turn off my electricity. I barely had money for food he didn’t care he made over six figures a year he was horrible to me he wanted to leave me with nothing g I too of this it was effecting my daughter emotionally because she was very close to her father and seeing all this hurt her and him barely ever being there and spending time to be with another woman and her child than his own destroyed her it took me 3 years to divorce him. I’m still fighting him in court. I too of that I was dealing with a broken ankle with no help no support my daughter moved out after and I was alone know one to help me get around and I had to go to work working a retail job standing up all day on a knee trike just trying to survive. I still wasn’t able to go back to college and finish my degree I had no money and I couldn’t afford it so I was stuck working this job struggling. I feel helpless and alone my ex told me if I ever told anyone about him strangling me that he would sue me I wanted to speak out more because I’m the victim and he uses his title and connections to get away with what he has done because I did call the police and report what he did he did go to jail and he only got first offenders. He had so much help mean while I was here not even my own mother helped me only my poor father. My mother and step father knew what he did to me and all he’s done and till this day they let him come and visit all the time and stay at their house. It’s painful all around. He even married his mistress righter we were legally divorced and he purposely married her where were suppose to renew our vowels on our 20 year anniversary because that’s where I told him I always wanted to get married was in Hawaii and he did that to rub it in my face and they put their wedding picture of them kissing on the beach as her Instagram profile so I would see it and be hurt.

This is only part one there is a part two and it’s much worse.

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